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The collapse of the planned merger between Publicis e and Omnicom , two of adland's bgest players, means rival WPP gets to keep its top spot in the industry by revenue, at $17.25 billion.

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Ad Age talked to WPP CEO Martin Sorrell soon after the collapse of the deal became public. Wren was charmed by into believing would ride off into the sunset.

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He wehed in on what mht have gone wrong and what their breakup means for the industry. That clearly was not the case if you look at the structure.

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Advertising Age: What were your first thoughts on the breakup? It was probably somewhat surprising that it came so quickly. Sorrell: Two CEOs sit in a room formidably for six months discussing a deal of this size without talking to anyone else or what they expensive advisors. The third thing: Their eyes were bger than their tummy. Sorrell: We obviously made hay while the sun was shining. Actualités - Organisation des rencontres et tournois internationaux.

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